Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knicks Raptors Recap: Why Couldn't They Just Win?

The Knicks lost to the Raptors in heartbreaking fashion after shooting 62 percent in the first quarter to get a big lead. They squandered it in the 2nd, and it was back and forth for the rest of the night. I am very upset and angry, so I'm not gonna go in depth. I'll leave you all with my notes from the game. Take from them what you will. Like I always say, "Ya gotta take the crookeds with the straights." Tonight the Knicks gave us a crooked.

I am just so upset about this game. More upset than the subjects of these pics.

  • Knicks came out on all cylinders as they often do.
  • Gallo had a huge game, stroking j's and driving.
  • Chandler had black shoes on...isn't that weird?
  • Lee had a double double in the first half again. He must lead the league in double doubles at half time.
  • The team is getting banged up. Jeffries knocked a knee, Chandler riding the bike.
  • Why are the Knicks city dancers all ugly and flabby?
  • Am i being biased and subjective thinking that the knicks get no calls from the refs night in and night out?
  • Reggie Evans "the mauler" does not look very natural in street clothes.
  • I can't believe Toronto is a better team than the Knicks in the standings. Knicks have better players.
  • David Lee has been pugnacious this season. Look it up.
  • Harrington tries to do Jared Jeffries impressions with flops, but perhaps he doesn't get as many charges called because he is strong and Jeffries is veryyyy skinny.
  • David Lee was absolutely shafted today. He deserves to be an all star and showed it tonight.
  • Al Harrington must stop shooting so much, he should watch how Wil plays, only taking high percentage close range shots
  • Nate Robinson is hardly noticeable since his 41 point outburst, but he has been playing solid team first hoops.
  • Whenever coaches are mic'd up, all they seem to say is a bunch of generic, obvious, general stuff. I'm talking stuff like "we gotta play with more energy", "we gotta move the ball better", "we gotta play more dynamic", "we gotta play better defense, contest shots but don't foul". Seriously in game coaching seems pretty simple.
  • Some Italian guy was interviewed by Al Trautwig about Mike D'Antoni's playing days. He said ask anybody who the best point guard in European history is, the only one in the conversation is D'Antoni
  • It is so upsetting that Lee is not an all star. He is better than Horford and deserves it more than Rose. At least Z-Bo made the squad.
  • Why does seemingly everyone in the world thing ironic means coincidental.
  • Why do the Knicks give the ball to Harrington so often only for him to force it.
  • I Love listening to Clyde say BarnYARNi.
  • When Gallo goes out the Knicks play noticeably worse...or I just have a huge man-crush on him.
  • Jordan Hill had a cameo in the first half and looked a little lost, and missed an open dunk...he still could use some seasoning.
  • Rasho Nesterovic shoots free throws like Hideki Okajima pitches. Looks down at the last moment before releasing. Bizarre.
  • Everything Nate does can be described as antics, and often is by Clyde.
  • See saw game, ten lead changes in the 3rd quarter.
  • Bosh gets superstar calls and superstar no calls, stiff armed lee on a drive, but of course no whistle...
  • Last game Corey Brewer was draining 3's all over the place, tonight it's Antoine Wright. Ugh.
  • I don't know why the Knicks always seem to suck in the 4th quarter.
  • Chandler steps out of bounds a lot. Got away with it in the fourth along the baseline and slammed. 
  • Bosh gets ridiculous foul calls anytime he flails and yells. UGHHHHH. NOBODY TOUCHED HIM!
  • I'm Liking Nate tonight.
  • 3 point game with 6 minutes left....Nate and Bosh will be key I think.
  • OHHH Wil the Thrill goes high off the glass and hits.
  • The Rooster needs the ball. He had a huge game then didn't touch the ball all 4th quarter.
  • Rooster drives and dishes to Lee. Gallo gets the ball, good things happen.
  • Al Harrington with a huge 3 point play followed by a huge 3 pointer. Afterward struts his stuff like an idiot...isn't he a little old for the strutting and preening?
  • Knicks 62 percent in first quarter and woeful for the rest.
  • No Duhon no problem in crunch time.
  • I bet if Gallo would just flail and yell like Bosh he'd get more calls, but I like that he doesn't. Maybe he should crow like the Rooster that he is.
  • Gallo big deflection and saves it for the steal.
  • Nate threads the needle to Lee for the slam!!!! Knicks up 5!!!
  • I hate the play that Hedo Turkoglu did, it shouldn't be called a foul. Harrington had his arm out near Hedo's stomach, Hedo had the ball down low, so he just raises up for the shot intentionally going into Al's arm. 3 point foul, and a bunch of BS. But I don't mind it when Gallo does it.
  • The refs are gonna try to give this one to the Raptors.
  • A lot of players have been falling all over the place this game.
  • F... Knicks lose the lead on Jarret Jack transition floater. He is a Knick KILLER.
  • Noticed Wil has the words "No Worse" tatted on his left hand with an image of a top hat on top of a cane. Strange. Somebody seriously needs to make a coffee table book all about NBA tattoos and their meanings.
  • Lee made a great move to the hoop and could have took the lead, but banked it too strong. Needed that one badly. Damn.
  • Nate is playing all of crunch time. I like this development, good job Coach D.
  • God dang Bosh makes an ugly lefty running layup to put the Knicks down 3 with 15.9.
  • Gallo for 3 for the win???? I wish.
  • Kevin James does the same "let's go Knicks!!!" shout that he does for the mets.
  • Of course the DVR cuts out with 15.9 left. What happened I don't know, except Al charged with a chance to tie. AHHHHHHH how did the Knicks lose this one?!?!?!
  • I'll tell you how they lost. The referees gave the raptors a bunch of BS calls and didn't give the Knicks any. Gallo gets mauled on every drive, but Bosh gets breathed on and goes to the stripe. It's a conspiracy I tell ya.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bargnani and Calderon Steal Gallinari's Night, Raptors Beat Knicks

Raptors 112- Knicks 104 

It was a memorable Italian Heritage Night at Madison Square Garden. The International flavor started pregame with an introduction in Italian from Danilo Gallinari. The Knicks were introduced by an Italian speaking PA announcer, and the Rockets Roster features 5 players from Europe and a coach from Canada. Mike D'Antoni, Andrea Bargnani, Danilo Gallinari, and Marco Bellinelli are all legends in Italy, and the crowd was in a fervor from the beginning, and featured lots of Italians.

The Europeans seemed to bring extra intensity and focus to showcase their games in front of what was likely the most European crowd they will play for in an NBA game. I am not going to get too statistical in this post, so let me just say Bargnani and Calderon skipped heating up and went straight to "HE'S ON FIRE!" level. You know in NBA Jam how when you get on fire, the ball not only swishes every time, but it also burns the net as it goes through? That is how Bargnani and Calderon's jumpers were swishing tonight. Bargnani exploited his height advantage, especially over Wilson Chandler. Calderon did his best Allen Iverson impression, masterfully and artfully shucking and jiving and jabbing his way to open mid-range jumpers. All he needed was an inch of space, and he got it easily and often against guys like David Lee and Jared Jeffries. The combo of Bargs and Jose, with a little bit of Chris Bosh and a great game from Demar Derozan, was too much for the Knicks to handle. They Raptors were up by 19 after the first quarter, and 24 after the first half.

And wouldn't you know the Knicks would come back. Danilo Gallinari sprinted faster tonight than he ever has in his life. A few fast breaks he absolutely bolted down the court. He doesn't like to turn it up like that very often, but he was a blur I tell ya. He also had a great game, mostly in the second half. I have to share his stat line. 8-17, 5-10 on 3's, 5-6 FT, 4 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks (seemed like more), and just 1 turnover in 42 minutes. Big game from the young gunner, the Italian Rooster, who may have been showing his teammates Bargnani and Bellinelli what he is all about. Chris Duhon, PASS TO THE ROOSTER WHEN HE IS OPEN.
I cannot imagine D'antoni doesnt notice how Duhon refuses to pass it to Gallinari unless it is his last resort. Something has to be done about it. Gallo needs to play like every night is Italian Heritage Night.

David Lee nearly had his first triple double, and the team desperately tried down the stretch to get Lee the final assists needed, when the game was clearly over. Alas, he finished with 25, 14 and 9 in the losing effort, and played the entire game. Oh, and in the first quarter after Bargnani dunked on him and celebrated a little, Lee momentarily lost his mind, got in Andrea's face, did a weird psychotic jumping jack, and got T'd up. Check out the Highlight here:;_ylt=Aij7zkWj1Rxguum_g3Z.4WSQvLYF#nba/17649583

Watch the second play, after Lee dunks. He went crazy...

Al Harrington scored a lot and chucked a lot and missed a lot too.

A person in the crowd was wearing a mask. Do people do this because she is afraid of getting sick, or because she is sick and doesn't want to infect others?

DeMar DeRozan looked like a cool player. He got to the line 14 times, and finished a very impressive left handed alley oop from Jose Calderon. Knicks could have had him if they wanted. I'm gonna give Jordan Hill a chance to play before I judge the pick though.

Check out my post about Mike D'Antoni to find out more about why he is legendary in Italy.

The Knicks got no love from the refs.

This was the most entertaining Knicks loss I've been to. They were down so much, and came back so far, and the crowd was so into it the entire second half. They shooting display and efficient offense of the Raptors was beautiful, and it was as if  Leonardo DaVinci was drawing up plays. The Knicks failed comeback was typical, but also great to watch, even if you knew it would falter around 8 points to short. You win some you lose some.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Points Per Shot...How the Knicks Measure Up

So I was doing a little bit of stat perusing, and I noticed that even when Gallo has an off shooting night, he usually somehow finishes with more points than shots. I did not know if this was significant.

My eyes told me Gallinari is an efficient scorer, even if he takes his fair shair of ugly shots. So I figured out his points per shot ratio, then compared it to other Knicks and players around the league. I am sure that this means something. It is a simple measure of scoring efficiency. Basically how many points a player scores divided by the number of field goals attempted. The Rooster coincidentally came up even with Dirk Nowitzki, who is having a great year for the Mavs, and who I wish Gallinari would emulate more. David Lee was the other Knick who ranked among the elite, but he trailed fellow top big men Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, and Pau Gasol considerably.

The stat isn't a measure of value obviously, with Kobe so low and Curry as the third best Knicks, but I think it is still meaningful and interesting to look at.

Z-Bo's ratio is at 1.26 right now, and "The Closer" Jamal Crawford is at 1.29.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Knicks Win! Lee Sinks Sixers

David Lee came out firing tonight. He started off 4-4 from the field and then finished the game with 4 straight buckets. The game was a back and forth fight and Lee's right handed lay in high off glass proved to be the game winner, and a win like this sure is sweet.

The Knicks don't win many tight ones like this 93-92 affair, and most probably expected Rodney Carney's last second 3 pointer would fell the Knicks, but it missed and the Knicks were the victors. Lee finished 10-20, hitting 8-8 on his first and last 4 shots, and going 2-12 in between. Lee came one rebound short of another double double, but the win has to be a nice pick me up for Lee, who lost his beloved grandfather E. Desmond Lee. Lee the elder was a great philanthropist, donating over 70 million in his lifetime.

Jared Jeffries had an amazing 15 points, including 11 in the first half. He hit a lefty layup off the dribble, a three pointer from the top of the key, a short jumpshot and dunked the ball. This was probably JJ's best game, as he grabbed 9 rebounds (4 offensive), had 2 steals, 1 block, 3 assists and caused immeasurable havoc on defense. He is either working closer to getting traded, or showing himself to be too valuable to deal.

The Knicks youthful duo of Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari both played large parts in the victory. The Rooster was just 4-11, but he had 12 points, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks, with no turnovers. It was a very good bounce back from the "ghastly" performance in Oklahoma City. He led the team with a +13 in +/-, which I actually think is a good measure of his value to the game. It just seemed like when Gallo was in, the Knicks were a better team. He clearly had a pep in his step and even elevated nicely on a fastbreak dunk. I clamored for him when he was still riding the pine with 4 minutes left and the team faltering, and when he was eventually inserted, the comeback was on. Even when he is not scoring, crunch time is rooster time.

Quick sidenote, Gallinari needs to add the pull up jump shot to his arsenal and he will be unstoppable. When he puts the ball on the floor he goes all the way to the rim, and he could use the pullup to mix things up. Donnie Walsh should give him some Dirk film.

Wil has been solid for a while now, and is even drawing some double teams. He played great defense, shot over 50%, and got 18 points on 8-15 shooting. Both Wil and Gallo are developing nicely, and if they keep getting better, we could be looking at a dynamic duo.

For the Sixers Samuel Dalembert represented Earthquake stricken Haiti with an earth shattering performance on the boards. His lanky 6'11" frame looked more like 7'2", and he grabbed an incredible 21 rebounds in 31 minutes. Allen Iverson was hot early with his patented midrange fadeaway, and finished with a quiet 16 points on 14 shots. The Knicks held Andre Igoudala to just 4 points.

The Knicks second unit did not fare well on the offensive end. Al Harrington shot a 3 every time he touched the ball, and was a dreadful 5-15 and 2-7 from deep. I am not happy he came back from the calf injury so quickly, it could have been a blessing in disguise. Nate Robinson also was poor and 4 points on 7 shots.

I am so happy the Knicks managed to shut down the Sixers on that final, game deciding possession. Lee defended Mareese Speights, who had a huge 4th quarter, Wil came with the double right on time, and Gallo scrambled to Iverson and forced him to kick it to Rodney Carney, who just missed the 3 pointer at the buzzer.

Big win and a big learning experience for this team. They don't have much experience winning games that are decided in crunch time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Demigod of Diction

The Knicks were trounced last night by an extremely impressive Thunder team, but at least Clyde brought his A game in the booth. He was rhyming with exquisite timing and analyzing with style and guile. Here are a few nuggets from last nights broadcast, with one particularly splendiferous sequence.

Clyde aptly described the movements of Russel Westbrook by saying he has

"feline quickness"
Clyde struggled to prounounce the name of the Thunder's starting shooting guard, turning Sefolosha into

  "Sefolosofo from switzerland"

But Clyde really outdid himself when after the half he described the Thunder D with this gem

"Swarming, harassing... Defense, byyyy the thunder as well. Omnipresent, riveting, at times impregnable! Baffling the Knicks... So they had no spontaneity, no continuity, and were just floundering on the offensive end."

Knicks humbled by dominant Thunder

This was an awful game that was painful to watch. I was preaching optimism yesterday on the Knicks realgm message board, but now I feel like an idiot.

The Thunder outclassed the Knicks by far, in every way. Intensity, effort, quickness, agility, length, defensive rotations, the Thunder were indomitable. Kevin Durant looks like a man on a mission out there and I cannot believe the way he has improved since I last saw him. He is truly a special player, a superstar in the NBA, and at only age

Here are some bullets. I'm putting as much effort and quality into this post as the Knicks put in last night...

  • westbrook brought resounding rebounding

  • durant is so long and graceful, he runs like a grayhound according to clyde

  • lee complains an awful lot to the refs but can you blame him? after complaining very loudly in the 1st, about repetitive no calls on drives...very next play, foul and 1

  • thunder defense is what they win with

  • return of al and freedom of nate doesn't have me too happy

  • durant got superstar calls on minimal contact. prob cause he is so skinny.
  • knicks got no calls
  • thunder defense is swarming and inpenetrable

  • lee boarding hard

  • rare foul trouble for the knicks, mostly due to durant

  • thunder have tangible chemistry on d

  • knicks down 10 after'll be ok or so i thought

  • knicks no chemistry and hesitant shots

  • durant swatted gallo, looks very lethargic, just slow and out of it. has he been partying?

  • lee complains sometimes instead of hustling back

  • duhon def sluggish, ugly ugly game

  • what team is this?

  • disgusting

  • jeffries swishes a 3.

  • wow durant just went through somewhat hard fould from wil and finished and 1. making me realize lee is not the leader/star i thought. gallo better start leading and bringing the work ethic.

  • down twenty with 5 to go in third. they can comeback, they can turn it around. prob wont but im still positive
  • they are sooooo quick long and athletic

  • perhaps ambidexterity of lee confuses refs, he gets no calls

  • durant swatking?

  • westbrook amazing leaping ability alley oop saves collison on baseline

  • david lee bricking

  • durant working so hard up by 30 in 4th, on defense. amazing

  • eric maynor looks great . knicks should have made that trade...dang

  • harden out doing our rookie from arizona college. jealous of all that talent

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mike D’Antoni- The Man Behind the Moustache

As I was watching Mike D’Antoni give some pregame pointers on last nights MSG telecast, I came to the sudden realization that he has a pretty thick southern twang. This also made me realize that I don’t really know much about Coach D. So I did some research.

• Michael Andrew D'Antoni was born on May 8, 1951, and is from Mullens, West Virginia. This small town looks to be in the middle of nowhere, between a bunch of mountains and trees. It features a Dairy Queen, a couple pizza places, and that’s about it.

Looks like they have a Rite Aid as well

• Mike played hoops for Marshall, was drafted in the 2nd round of the 1973 NBA draft, and earned all-rookie 2nd team honors for the KC/Omaha Kings.

• He found great success upon crossing the Atlantic and heading to Olimpia Milano, where he spent 13 seasons. He played alongside the likes of Bob Mcadoo and of course the legendary Boselli twins. Unfortunately he retired a bit too early to play with Gregor “Uncle” Fučka.
• D'Antoni’s Milan team is now Armani Jeans Milan, which is also Danilo Gallinari’s former team.

• Mike is a legend in Italy, and for good reason. He won 5 Italian league titles as a player and 2 as a coach, and 2 Euroleague titles as a player. He was also named one of the Euroleague’s top 35 all time players.

• Mike is 6’3”

• Some of the most common used nicknames by Knicks fans for D’Antoni are : D’Andummy, ‘Antoni (no D). In Europe he was known as Arsene Lupin (a thief and a gentleman apparently) during his playing days, for his ball hawking abilities.

• He was an assistant of Mike Krzciewszki’s (did i spell that right, didn't check...dang nope it is actually "Krzyzewski")for Team USA, who took home gold in Beijing. Popular opinion says that all the big stars like LeBron James loved playing for the man with the mustache.

• He has the Knicks storming up the standings after starting the season 1-9. The Knicks are now on the cusp of breaking into the top 8 in the east, are playing stellar defense and smart efficient offense, and are gelling into a cohesive unit. He won the Coach of the year in 2004 and hopefully is on his way to another one this season, after the Knicks claim the 5th seed in the East.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Knicks Win Brawl with Bobcats, 97-93

The Knicks triumphed tonight in a gritty game with Larry Brown's Charlotte Bobcats, 97-93. The game was a rough and tumble affair, with the refs allowing physical play, resulting in only 18 free throws attempted between the two teams all game. The young duo of Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari led the team, and Mr. Consistent, Double Trouble David Lee had his usual game. This was the type of game that used to be a loss for the Knicks, but they stayed focused, played through the Bobcat runs, and held a tight lead down the stretch. Call me crazy but I think Mike D'Antoni deserves some consideration for Coach of the Year thus far.

The Knicks future lies in Gallo, Chandler, and hopefully Lee, and they all put on a show tonight. Chandler has been playing like a star lately, and had 27 points, 7 rebounds, and tied his career high with 6 assists. He was slashing to the paint frequently and with great aplomb. The Knicks bread and butter from timeouts has been the alley-oop to Wil, and he finished one tonight in spectacular fashion.

Lee again had a double double, wait no he didn't I just assumed he did. Lee dominated the first 2 quarters, and 14 of his 22 points were before half. He only had 7 rebounds, but added some trash talking and shoving with Nazr Mohammed, as well as a lot of complaining at the refs.

Gallinari put the icing on the cake in the 4th with a couple dagger 3 pointers in the last 2 minutes. Crunch time is Rooster Time. Gallo ended up with 17 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, a block and a steal. The refs also made four extremely bogus calls against him, including heinous fouls on a block and a steal attempt.

All in all the referees were dreadful, only calling fouls when nobody was actually touched , or when a player ran into his own teammate as Stephen Jackson did, and when they did call them the whistle was about 10 seconds late. They also missed a ton of blatant fouls, like when Bender got all arm on a supposed rejection of Flip Murray.

Nate Robinson led a key run to bring the Knicks back even in the 4th. With Nate percolating, the Knicks went on a 15-0 run that gave the Knicks control of the game. I like this use of Nate as a microwave to get a quick burst of offense off the bench

The Knicks are really surging up the standings now, and wins against other teams fighting for the 5-8 seed could make a huge difference down the stretch.

Here are some other thoughts on the game, bullet style.
  • David Lee may be blossoming into a legitimate star. D'Antoni was mic'd up and said something like "I gotta keep you in you are the best guy we got." It's obvious but Lee said himself he needs to develop the mindset that he is a star, and the confidence that goes with it. He really came out of his shell tonight, showing lots of emotion and leading the team. He slammed home a few thunderous dunks on the night that seemed to carry a bit of a message.
  • Bender threw down a dunk of his own, and had a decent showing tonight, 5 points, 4 blocks, and 5 rebounds in 18 minutes. Unfortunately he also had 3 turnovers, but you gotta take the crookeds with the straights. His presence in the paint is promising and his ups can be impressive at times.
  • Marcus Landry made an early appearance, but was not very noticeable.
  • Kelly Tripucka is a brilliant wordsmith. After an emphatic and electric drive and dunk from the lilliputian Nate Robinson, Kelly only took a second or two to come up with this clever quip. "NATE IS GREAT!" Pure color commentating gold.
  • Chandler iced the game with a cool 2 free throws putting the Knicks up 4 with 13 seconds left.
  • I noticed Wil's right arm is now completely covered in tats. 

This is Wil's right arm now...

This is Wil's right arm rookie year
  • In the fourth quarter during a commercial Knicks' superfan The Dancing Grandpa had some sort of dance off with a fat guy and a kid with spaghetti legs. The crowd was noticeably geeked up by this. MSG sure has some great entertainment, and I always love to see The Dancing Grandpa bust a move. I couldn't find a photo of the real Dancing Grandpa, so this one will have to do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Knicks beat Indiana D League Team

I went to the Garden last night and was treated to quite a show as the Knicks destroyed the woeful and decimated Pacers, 132-89. Yes, the Knicks won by 43 points. No, I am not talking about in NBA 2K10, this was in real life.

The Pacers starting lineup made me say "this will be the worst starting 5 in the NBA this season." and they lived up to my billing. Earl Watson, Luther Head, Mike Dunleavy, Josh McRoberts, and the Hib Dog Roy Hibbert stunk up the joint, as did the rest of the Pacers, and the Knicks got of to an early lead and never looked back. It was an early 6 PM Sunday start for the Knicks, and the Garden was packed and the crowd was roaring from the opening tip, like they sensed the spectacle that was about to unfold. Hibbert kept daring Lee to shoot, so he did, and he made them, and ended up with his expected 22 and 16. Luther Head (6'3") tried to matchup with Gallo (6'10"), who was looking to drive early and often, and played what may have been his most aggressive game to date. This newfound assertiveness was highlighted by a monstrous one handed throwdown followed by a pose for the camera. Here is the video of the highlight of Gallo's career thus far, courtesy of Big C. The Rooster was crowing, and finished with 20 points on just 9 shots, 8 rebounds, and 3 flashy assists (shoulda been one more but JJ missed a wide open layup after a no look pass from Danilo).Wilson Chandler has been great lately and had 23 points, 2 blocks, and a couple sweet alley oops. Chris Duhon was on fire, scoring 18 points and bombing 6 of 7 from downtown. Jordan Hill got to play in the 4th and looked good, stroking a few jumpers and wreaking havoc on the boards. All in all it was an incredible game that left me dumbfounded afterwards, like I would soon awake from this Knicks dream.

The Knicks should not be too thrilled with themselves, since they beat what was essentially a glorified D league team, but coming off a loss to the Nets a couple games ago, it was real nice to see the team dominate a game that they should dominate.

An interesting sidenote from this game, apparently Larry Hughes made some snippy comments about being kicked out of the rotation. He seems to think he lost his spot due to injury, which he also believes is faux pas in the NBA. I say who cares about these unwritten rules. Nate scored 41 points and led the team to victory and Hughes hasn't played well in a long time, and Coach D'Antoni can play whoever he wants. It stinks that this sour note from Hughes came after a hugely successful game that looked like it would really help the team build some chemistry. The success of the team should be the first priority, and obviously right now for Hughes it is not. I'm glad a selfish player like that is out of the lineup.

Another sidenote, I was thrilled to see AJ Price has won the backup point guard role on the Pacers, who have benched TJ Ford for some reason (maybe because he sucks). Price scored 11 points which is likely his career high. I guarded AJ in high school, and managed to hold him to a respectable 21 points if my memory serves me. My Phantoms could not beat his Amityville Warriors, who won the state title about every single year. I consider myself a defensive specialist, but one time he unleashed a wicked spin move on the fast break that spun me around, and caused me to spill to the hardwood as I tripped over my own feet.