Thursday, July 15, 2010

The NYC Factor: Amar'e Gets it

For years, the Knicks have been missing a superstar and former Phoenix Sun Amar'e Stoudemire has arrived to fill that void. The Knicks have not had this good a player with this big of a personality since The Legend himself, Walt Clyde Frazier. Amar'e is primed to take over New York City, and he knows it too.

He simply has big things written all over him. He has a big social media presence, will be a major role model in the community, gives great interviews, and isn't afraid to be candid and honest unlike most cliche spewing athletes. He is an impressive, larger than life character, and he rides around in a custom Maybach (I'd love to hear what Clyde thinks of that). I just watched an MSG special on him, and some of the dunks he throws down will blow the roof off of MSG this winter. He is a nasty, mean finisher, and we all know New York Knick fans love players with an attitude. Amar'e set the trend and saw the big picture when choosing NYC and the Knicks, and set the precedent for future stars to call the big apple home. Don't be surprised when this guy starts popping up with major endorsement deals and is all over your TV.

The Knicks have a team full of charismatic, energetic, and entertaining players this season. Felton, Turiaf, Randolph, Gallinari, Stoudemire, and Douglas all are (or will surely soon be) fan favorites, and I think the chemistry on the court will be at an all time high. Stoudemire is showing his desire to lead the team to greatness, and seems committed to the mission and to the Knicks. It could all be PR stunts, but I really believe in his ability to become a leader. Maybe Steve Nash and the Phoenix vets were holding this back in Amar'e. He's a grown ass man now and is ready to lead a squad and become a Knicks and NYC legend. I just hope his defense is ready too.

Gonna Fly Now

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Knicks Should be a Playoff Team

The Knicks did not land LeBron, but they are an improved squad. This years roster has loads of potential and should be much better than last years team. Then again, I thought that about last years team vs. the year before that, so my optimism may be foolhardy.

That being said, for the first time in a while the Knicks vessel will be steered by a legitimate NBA starting point guard in Ray Felton. They finally feature a go to scorer who demands double teams (Amar'e), and are flush with sharpshooters (Gallo, Buike, poss. Rautins) and big men who can block shots (Turiaf, Timofey, Randolph).

The main key to the team's success is how quickly the team gels, and how the chemistry develops. Who will be the team leader? Will Gallo step up and make it his team, is Amar'e fit to lead, or is Felton going to raise the level of those around him and be the floor general Mike D hasn't had since Nash? Will the chemistry between Felton and Amar'e be there? Say what you will about Duhon but he knew how to find D Lee on the crucial pick and roll.

The way I see it, the team should be solid, and there are a few x factors that could vault them to near 50 wins. Last year I thought the x factor was Darko. If he would have turned out to be the shotblocking center to back up Lee, maybe the Knicks would have made the playoffs. Clearly he didn't work and the team faltered.

This year, the Knicks need to see Gallo step up yet again and assert himself as a star, and not disappear for weeks like last season. They need Felton to master the pick and roll with Amar'e. They need Randolph to be a rebounding and shot blocking force (which he has been in limited minutes). Lastly and maybe most importantly, the Knicks need to play solid defense as a unit. This year the team is full of hard working players who are committed to defending, as opposed to last year when we had role players with superstar attitudes. 50-32 may be a stretch, but it is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Three Comforting Thoughts for Knicks Fans

1. At least we will still be able to get cheap tickets on craigslist.

2. We have 2 of the most talented youngsters in the league, Gallo and Anthony Randolph, who are both 21 years young.

3. It is possible that there exists a "Lost" like alternate universe going on right now in which LeBron joined the Knicks and everybody goes to heaven.

Wait, so Walt was really young LeBron all along?!?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moving on

Oh well, I can't blame LeBron for choosing to play with Wade and Bosh if they are really tight friends. It must have been an excruciating decision to make. The saga is over, LeBron chose to form the ultimate big 3, which will certainly have a spiffy nickname before long. Pat Reilly will unleash LeBron in the form of Magic Johnson of the showtime Lakers, and the Heat will win. I don't care about the Heat though, this is a Knicks Blog, and the Knicks are who I care about. Screw LeBron.

The news now is the impending sign and trade featuring David Lee. If Lee signed off on a lucrative offer to Golden State, then we may be hailing the arrival of some pretty intriguing players from the Warriors. Anthony Randolph has some serious skills, rebounding and blocking shots with aplomb, and could be see his potential tapped by the offensive mind of Mike D'Antoni. He was stifled on the bench by Don Nelson for unknown reasons. Also, Ronny Turiaf would provide a big defensive presence in the paint that the Knicks have been sorely lacking, and is a high motor player who will help make up for the rebounding vacuum left by D Lee. Kelenna Azubuike is a solid guard, who i believe can play some defense. With this trade the Knicks would have some depth and still maybe a few million more for a second tier free agent. It wouldn't make them instant title contenders, but it would be a good step toward building a solid team and softening the blow of LeBron's decision. Like i said before, I still believe the Knicks will turn out to be a playoff team next year and Amar'e is capable of elevating his game for NYC.He would have been huge in NYC. Oh well.

Our roster could shape up like this:

PG-Douglas, or FA's Ridnour, Felton, etc.


SF-Anthony Randolph

PF- Amar'e

C- Turiaf (think Joakim Noah role)

Not too shabby.

Lebron Day Diary

July 8th 2010. 8:02 PM: Today's date could be looked back upon as the day LeBron James signed for the New York Knicks. Think about that for a second. A New York Knicks dynasty could begin in an hour. The excitement at the garden on opening night will be unprecented. With LeBron, Amar'e, the Rooster, and Ill Wil as the top 4, the Knicks will perennially win 60 games and contend for the title. This is the most important day of my life...

The word on the street is that LeBron is going to the Heat, and MSG stock prices are tanking. I do not believe any of the rumors, because yesterday everybody said it was probably going to be New York. The modern sports media means we get rumors from anonymous sources that are very often not true. Every team has been rumored to be in the lead for LeBron at different points in this search, which may be a media ploy to keep every teams hopes up and thus keep viewers interested. I like twitter because you get a more personal relationship with the players, but I hate it for all the rumors that it leads to.

Despite the Miami talk, my gut says he is going to be a Knick. Broussard says 80% but says his gut says Cleveland. He basically just admitted his sources are not reliable and he thinks it will be Cleveland. Ugh i wish it was 9:09! Mike D'Antoni is on a plane, but he probably has Wifi and will be watching or at least he will be actively emailing. Donnie Walsh quipped that he is going to be watch a movie, but his blackberry will be buzzing right after the announcement.

Right now I feel optomistic, but I'm not getting my hopes up. The possibility is good enough for me right now. If it doesn't happen, we will move on and try to build a playoff team for the upcoming season. Sure it will be disappointing if the Knicks are shunned, and especially so if the Heat land LeBron. I still believe the Knicks will turn out to be a playoff team next year and Amar'e is capable of elevating his game for NYC.

This is the Optimistic Knicks Blog after all.

8:57 PM

Just went for a jog in Central Park. I couldn't just sit here and wait around for the announcement. Everyone apparently still says Miami, but my stance remains the same. My gut says LeBron still, but I'm getting a little sad thinking about the chance that me might say Miami or Chicago or Cleveland and not New York. If indeed the King says no to the Knicks, I hope at least he goes somewhere surprising like the Clippers, the T Wolves, or get sign and traded somewhere out of the blue.

9:00 PM OK shit shit gotta watch this it's starting. This is so lame I wish LeBron never did this stupid special. It is so dramatic but it is drama for the sake of drama. Maybe he is so undecided about what he wants to do, he had to set this huuuuge deadline to force him to make up his mind. Let's see what happens, the announcement should come within 10. My head is going to explode.

9:13 PM

They said the announcement would be at 9:10!!! Ugh dirty rotten liars! This better not drag on for much longer. I can't stand all these predictions. Broussard is waffling saying his mind says Cleveland, his sources say Miami, ugh. This is lame, but the big M Night Shyamalan twist is coming up!


Jim Grey and Lebron! Here come thes big...vitamin water commercial with headless LeBron! F! The announcement must be soon, ESPN be damned.

9:22 No more Stuart Scott please...

9:23 How is Jim Grey asking LeBron any questions besides "What'll it be LeBron?"

9:26 This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. These questions should be for after the reveal, not before. He has to answer everything without spilling the beans...F this.

I hope he picks the Knicks!

9:27 PM