Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moving on

Oh well, I can't blame LeBron for choosing to play with Wade and Bosh if they are really tight friends. It must have been an excruciating decision to make. The saga is over, LeBron chose to form the ultimate big 3, which will certainly have a spiffy nickname before long. Pat Reilly will unleash LeBron in the form of Magic Johnson of the showtime Lakers, and the Heat will win. I don't care about the Heat though, this is a Knicks Blog, and the Knicks are who I care about. Screw LeBron.

The news now is the impending sign and trade featuring David Lee. If Lee signed off on a lucrative offer to Golden State, then we may be hailing the arrival of some pretty intriguing players from the Warriors. Anthony Randolph has some serious skills, rebounding and blocking shots with aplomb, and could be see his potential tapped by the offensive mind of Mike D'Antoni. He was stifled on the bench by Don Nelson for unknown reasons. Also, Ronny Turiaf would provide a big defensive presence in the paint that the Knicks have been sorely lacking, and is a high motor player who will help make up for the rebounding vacuum left by D Lee. Kelenna Azubuike is a solid guard, who i believe can play some defense. With this trade the Knicks would have some depth and still maybe a few million more for a second tier free agent. It wouldn't make them instant title contenders, but it would be a good step toward building a solid team and softening the blow of LeBron's decision. Like i said before, I still believe the Knicks will turn out to be a playoff team next year and Amar'e is capable of elevating his game for NYC.He would have been huge in NYC. Oh well.

Our roster could shape up like this:

PG-Douglas, or FA's Ridnour, Felton, etc.


SF-Anthony Randolph

PF- Amar'e

C- Turiaf (think Joakim Noah role)

Not too shabby.

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