Friday, November 12, 2010

The Beginning of the End?

Optimism is waning among the Knickerbocker faithful. Tonight's game against the inexplicable Timberwolves could be a watershed moment of this young season. Lose, and the Knicks officially suck. Win, and they still may suck, but it wouldn't be official.

Anyway, I obviously expect a win, but judging from my peers on the Realgm forums, others don't agree. Here is a sampling of prognostications from other Knick diehards:

"I expect us to lose. And I won't even be upset anymore. Let's face it. Our New York Knicks have been losers for the past decade and it's not gonna change."

"Automatic loss, I won't even be mad either"
"Have a really bad feeling about this one..."
"We will get our asses handed to us.On a platinum platter. Served with a side order of Sebastian Telfair career highs of 26 points and 14 assists. It will happen."
"Loss. Blowout loss.
Followed by more D'Antoni laughing and lame excuses with his stupid accent."
"Another day, another loss."
"Another day, another game, another losing streak and another 30 win season."
So many naysayers and Negative Nancys out there in the world of Knicks fandom. Oh well I guess I'm a contrarian thinker.
Here are my notes from the awful loss to the Bucks. I was crying too hard to type watching David Lee dismantle his former team last game.
  • Maggette points to the sky after every made FT.
  •  Bucks can't miss Knicks can't penetrate the d. Bucks started 13-15 Taj Gibson then Blatche then Brand now Drew Gooden all kill Knicks in 1st. Trend?
  • Turiaf injured is bad news for the D.
  • Felton highlight alley oop to Randolph
  • Amare has a nice stroke from 3
  • Sometimes you can hear amare yelling stuff. Screamed Ahh shit after bricking a j. It's like Amar'e is mic'd up.
  • Does respect the game apply to guys screaming and one?
  • Bogut elbowed amare and amare started to pick a fight...Bogut must be thinking "scoreboard"
  • Problem with the NBA is the players are getting too good at tricking the refs. The new respect the game rule makes the refs less accountable for all their awful decisions.
  • Ohhhhh Landry fields throws down a one handed put back boomshackalacka. Unfortunately he showboated after the highlight play, despite being down 16.
  •  Nobody guards Amar'e elbow jumper.
  • Maggette fools ref flops for the charge on Wil.
  • God refs suck
  • Knicks offense sucks. Stagnant one on one
  •  Ugh Maggette king of the flops
  •  Bogut swats Amar'e then breaks, gets through the leg pass from Jennings for the monster slam, while Amar'e jogs behind
  • Fields is the only bright spot
  • Rautins sighting, hits moz with a pinpoint feed and drains a three off the curl!

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Anonymous said...

We miss your wisdom Swat King!! Why have you gone silent? Write a blog for us soon. We want to hear your thoughts on Melo and the playoffs.