Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You Celtics!

Wow, what a game the Celtics played last night to oust the favored Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. The Celtics were dominant, and straight up stifled the Cavs offense. LeBron tried his best, but every avenue to the lane was cut off, nobody else on his team wanted the ball, and Coach Mike Brown could not figure out a way to get things going for his team. The Celtics imposed their will on the game, shared the ball, played with gusto, and as Doc Rivers adamantly urged, they did it "Together".

The Cavs were simply outplayed, and I was rooting hard for the Celtics, which made me feel a little dirty. By the end of the game I had to remind myself I was a Knicks fan again, and it was time to rejuvenate my hatred for the Celts. I think this embarrassing series loss is the best thing Knicks fans could have hoped for. The media storm will only continue to brew and build, and will easily surpass Brett Favre levels of endless, repetitive, uninformative rumor mill hype. Until July 1st (and likely for a while after), the world will only be able to speculate, and we will. As your optimistic Knicks Blogger, I am confident that last night's result will lead to the beginning of the LeBroKnicks, and it is very exciting.

Here are some more thoughts about the game and what it may mean for the future:

  • KG was great. I thought he was washed up, but he put on a throwback display last night. 11-19 shooting, 22 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 0 turnovers and great defense. Kevin Garnett #5 Of The Boston Celtics Goes

  • KG's jumper was pure all night
    • LeBron's triple double was the most underwhelming I've ever seen. Granted I haven't seen many, but he just seemed flustered the whole game. He would try to turn it on, show a noticeable extra pep in his step, then turn it over and resume his sulky, underwhelming play.
    • LeBron frequently didn't try on defense after he or a teammate screwed up on O.
    • Antawn Jamison and Delonte West seemed petrified to screw up. This is not a good way to play hoops. They were so passive and indecisive, and just wanted to hand off the ball to LeBron as quickly as possible. LeBron played poorly, but he needed some help. Mo Williams tried at least, but it wasn't enough. The team shot 38%...
    • The last point makes me wonder how The Rooster, Ill Wil, Toney Douglas and whoever else may team up with LBJ next season will be able to handle the pressure of playing with the King. Gallo was reluctant to shoot when the likes of Al Harrington and Chris Duhon wanted the ball. Will he keep developing his aggressive play sharing the court with the almighty LeBron? It seems to be quite a burden trying to help get a ring for the King.
    • I believe Mike D'Antoni would have been able to figure out a way to get LeBron some better looks.
    • Hat tip to Bill Simmons for getting the New York Knicks chant going when LeBron was at the charity stripe. Last night was like a Bizzarro world where Boston fans chanted for the Knicks and I was giddily rooting for the Celtics.
    • Shaq's next career move should definitely be to the WWE. He debuted his would be signature move, the Diesel Drop, on Kendrick Perkins last night. This move is basically a belly flop to the face. Perk is so badass he wasn't even fazed though.
    • One possession, Big Baby had the ball on the elbow, guarded by Big Z. Rondo, who clearly didn't like what he foresaw, could be heard shouting emphatically for the ball. Big Baby ignored his phenomenal point man, pump faked and recklessly and fruitlessly drove to the lane for a missed layup. The ensuing trip down the court, while a player on the Cavs shot foul shots, a Celtic off-screen (presumably Rondo) was berating Big Baby for the selfish play. Big Baby flipped, on camera, and started pounding his chest in frustration and shouting in a steady crescendo, clear as day for a primetime national audience to hear "I F#$*ed up, I F#$*ed up, I F#$*ed up, I F#$*ed up!!!!" Ok psycho...                          
    • Rondo is an amazing point guard and one of my favorite players. His combination of defensive tenacity, court vision, shaking and baking, swooping and ooping, and driving and thriving is quite impressive. Imagine if he had a jump shot and could hit free throws...21 points, 12 assists and 5 steals for the rangy, raging Rajon.

     Rajon Rondo #9 Of The Boston Celtics Lays
    Rondo Penetrating and Devastating
    • I am very upset Rajon Rondo signed an extension this year. I wish the Knicks had a shot at a Rondo and LeBron pairing. Wow that would be an unstoppable pair.
    • Tony Allen had one of the most amazing dunks I've ever seen. He pulled his arm so far back behind his head before throwing it down. That guy is both amazing and terrible at the same time. Check it out. Boomshakalaka
    • Seriously, has there ever before been a time when a guy gets 27, 19, and 10 with 3 steals and a block and it is considered a bad game. LeBron just did it. 9 turnovers helps illuminate what a struggle it was for LeBron. He must have just thrown a pass to the wrong team 3 or 4 times.
    • Did this game make me want LeBron a little less? Yes. But he is still by far the #1 target and the best player in the league.
    • Finally, down 9 with a little over a minute to go (I think), the Cavs decided not to foul, and to give up hope. They most likely were going down, but this collective quit by the team was curious and rare to see. It would seem as though they accepted defeat well before this point in the game, and you would hope that LeBron would be able to lead them out of such a mindset, but he seemed to be resigned to the fact that they were going down as well. It is this lack of fight and passion in the face of defeat that is the biggest reason I think LeBron is about to kiss Cleveland goodbye. His teammates gave up, and he had no faith in them in this big game. I think the damage is irreparable, and he will be a Knick.

    Cleveland Cavaliers Forward LeBron James Listens
    Lebron has a lot of pondering to do...

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